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Bound To A Warrior (2010)

Bound to a Warrior (2010)

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0061934712 (ISBN13: 9780061934711)

About book Bound To A Warrior (2010)

Amazing author, really great at how she writes her books.This is the second book that I've read from her and I loved it. I think it would've perfect if she'd left us with a cliffhanger ending and then next story was about the next hero, leaving us blind as to what happened further into the book. But, the book was a great story without the cliffhanger ending (I'm in love with cliffhanger endings). I loved the heroin a lot. I honestly couldn't fault her. There were characters I loved to hate and some I loved. My favourite scene was with the little boy in the tree. My gosh, so cute. Great story, definitely recommend!! Donna Fletcher is one of my favorite highlander authors. Real characters making real decisions and not acting like idiots while pretending to be alphas. Thank you Donna!This is the first story of the four warriors and it begins with Duncan and Mercy shackled to each other. It is pages and pages of positive interaction with none of the silly drama that is often used to stretch out a story. This is my second time through and though I know who the true king is I'm totally engrossed in the story again.Donna Fletcher understands love and romance and demonstrates it elegantly with her characters.Third time reading, still love this series.

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Awesome start to what is sure to be an amazing series. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds!

I pretty much saw where this book was going but still I found it enjoyable.

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