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Bound To The Prince (2000)

Bound to the Prince (2000)
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Bound To The Prince (2000)
Bound To The Prince (2000)

About book: This was an interesting, and not unimaginative read, with a lushly defined and described world, a defined quest for the hero, a woman at loose ends and innumerable challenges and differences to overcome. Igraine was wholly human and while she was empathetic, there was a touch of her wallowing in her loneliness, preferring to take (in my opinion) the easy way out rather than moving forward. Just before her point of no return, she encounters Elathan: angry, bitter and rather aggressively dislikeable exiled elven prince. Perhaps that isn’t fair, but the initial introduction to him, did not present a character that was sympathetic or empathetic. He was inexplicably attracted to Igraine, and forcibly removes her from London to his fae realm, to serve his every sexual need. Initially an exercise in dubious consent, as Igraine develops in strength and confidence, the positive aspects of Elathan’s character are harder to discover, until his point of view and inner dialogue is presented. With several highly detailed and steamy sex scenes, this growth in both characters, and their affections for one another as Elathan learns to deal with his prejudice against humans, and Igraine comes to see her worth. I enjoyed this story – even as it felt it rushed to the end to add in conflict and bring a sort of conclusion while leaving space open for another instalment. I enjoyed Court’s mastery of the world-building, although I did feel there were spots where she didn’t manage to control the plot as tightly as she had in the other book I have read by her. It wasn’t a great misstep, but a few spaces where the story seemed to meander before getting back on track and dealing with Elathan’s quest to regain his throne. It did, however, lead to some truly stunning descriptions that provided great visual imagery, and place the world firmly into the magical and wondrous. From the initial questions about the consent in the sexual encounters, their connection and caring for one another brought romance and a sweetness that, despite Elathan’s over-testosteroned alpha tendencies were touched and softened. This is a couple who manage to come together to create a formidable pair. I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for the Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions were my own responsibility. A really great book,plenty to get your teeth into as the book over 300 pages.When Igraine is standing on Blackfriers Bridge almost ready to jump to her death.At that stage you have no idea the delights that await you.As the story progresses both characters change and grow so much.A delightful fantasy that I had to read in one go.I am waiting for the 2nd book in the series.This is must read.
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I really enjoyed this book. I made me smile and cry. I love books that can touch you.
This book is simply erotic! I recommend it. However, not the faint at heart.
I enjoyed this story about 1/3rd way through to the end.
It was bad. It barely has a plot.
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