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Branded Sanctuary (2010)

Branded Sanctuary (2010)

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oh!! this one has to be my favourite, after Natural Law, the only other one i gave 5 full stars to!we met Chloe in books 3 and 4, M and Tyler's stories, she works in M's tea shoppe. after a brutal attack in said shoppe, Chloe is left with the feeling she is getting worse. her nightmares are more frequent, and more vivid. she calls a number she got, at M and Tyler's wedding, from Brendan, late one night after a panic attack that knocked her off her feet. Brendan is a sub we met before, he is the one M branded. Chloe isnt built that way, as a Domme, but Brendan needs a Domme. Can they work it out??what i particularly liked about this one, is whats missing. there were very little BDSM scenes, only one, really, with Brendan and Chloe and although some might say that it let this book down, to me it didnt. Once Chloe knows what Brendan is, she goes out of her way to find out more about it, and talks to the people who know, M, Tyler, and Brendan himself. I LOVED that we got to hear some from Brendan about how he is, but i would liked a little more too. We get more from M and Tyler too, and i really loved that!off to read book 8, Divine Solace, which is Gen's story who also works in the tea shoppe. then i'm going to work my way through the Knights of the Boardroom series! (October) 2.5* You know, I really wanted to love this book – I’m a huge Joey W. Hill fan. Mirror of My Soul is one of my favorite books, a gorgeous 5* read. Natural Law and Rough Canvas are awesome. JH’s Knights of the Board Room have mostly been fab. But this one…not so much. I found myself so bored while reading it (short book but took me 3 days to finish it – when I put it down I was not inspired to pick it up again) – there was so much psycho-babble that half the time I had no idea what they were really saying. Towards the end, Brendon kept asking Chloe to “say those two words” – I swear I had no idea what words he wanted! Even Marguerite and Tyler bugged me a bit in this book – they were both so all knowing and all seeing and all consuming in their interference in everyone’s lives - it was all so Master-Grasshopper that it just grated on my nerves (and every time Chloe said "Oh Goddess" it drove me nuts – hate that!). The whole carnival scene didn’t really fit – it was a whole lotta nothing, really. And later on, I really wanted to see Chloe say “F You” to Tyler and shove him out of the way on her way to her car, instead of let him convince her to go talk to Marguerite! Suggestion for anyone considering going to college to become a psychiatrist or psychologist…skip the $$ that it will cost you and instead dive into the BDSM world – because it seems like everyone in that world has amazing insight, can help even the most screwed up person, and always knows the right thing to say and do! But…how did it never occurred to anyone that Chloe needed someone to talk to, some sort of counseling after the attack – they saw for months she was falling apart but other than Marguerite saying “get better soon or you’ll move in w/me and Tyler” no one did anything. When I read 50 Shades I remember thinking “this is a book I’ve always wanted to read…one where one person is very into the BDSM lifestyle and the other isn’t – how do you make that work?” This book also told that story – but in 50 his giving up that lifestyle made sense to me, while in this book I just don’t see Chloe really making Brendon happy in the long run, as I don’ t think she can truly satisfy his needs. He’s a sub, she’s not a domme – this pairing just did not work for me.

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This book reminded me how much I really love Joey Hill and this series!!

3.5. I wish the series had ended with the story of Marcus & Thomas.

Getting my Joey fix!

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