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Brash (2000)

Brash (2000)

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About book Brash (2000)

Sexy short read about good girl Jess that is tired of being the good girl. She falls for bad boy Jack when her and her brother Reid were is Sydney when she was 18. Fast forward ten years and Jack is a successfull Cook, with a famous resturnat and cooking show agrees to cater his friends wedding. Little did he know that Jess is the wedding coordinator. Sparks starts to fly and the heat is turned up high. Who wouldn't fall for a man that can cook. What a fun book by Ms. Marsh! I adored the burlesque background, it's such an interesting world. Jess was fantastic, completely honest and not afraid to go after what she knows is right, even though Jack insists nothing will ever happen between them due to his friendship with her brother. Jack's character was a mix of sexy Aussie chef and jumpy kangaroo, but it didn't make me want to take him home any less! The dialogue between the couple was witty and sexy, and the banter between Jess and the girls from the burlesque club was absolutely charming. And woah was this book HOT! The sex scenes absolutely burned up my ereader! If you aren't a fan of EROTIC romance, then this might be too much for you, but honestly the sex fits in perfectly with the Jess seducing Jack story line and it's not gratuitous in any way. It did feel a bit rushed at the end, but it only makes me want to pick up the next in this series. Great book!

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3.5 stars. Good story but felt the ending was rushed and ended abruptly.

Food and sex goes well together

The story was too rushed.

Lovit :D i want Jack xD

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