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Brava, Valentine (2010)

Brava, Valentine (2010)

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0061257079 (ISBN13: 9780061257070)
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About book Brava, Valentine (2010)

This is the second book in a (Valentine) trilogy and I enjoyed reading the continuation of book #1 . Trigiani's stories are believable family sagas, that make you laugh and make you cry. The setting is Manhattan, where the large Italian family's shoe company is located. The Angelina's family dynamics are interesting and fun. Valentina, the oldest and unmarried daughter is still searching to find her true place in the world. To add interest to the story there is a bit of travel, romance and the unexpected . This book earns a solid 4 stars . Book #3 already awaits me on my nightstand. I picked up "Brava, Valentine" in haste while I was looking for an audio book to listen to for a long drive. I read/listened to Adriana Trigiani's "The Shoemakers Wife" and enjoyed it and figured I would give this novel a try as well. In short, this book was underwhelming at best. Trigiani tried to do too much in a relatively short novel and bit off more than she could chew. There were too many subplots, undertones and social concepts that she tried to employ but it came off as sloppy. The protagonist Valentine was far from like able and even verged on pathetic on several dozen instances. I did not realize that this book was a second in a series and I have to commend Trigiani on providing background information for me to understand what was happening.

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Chick Lit, but I enjoyed it. Sometimes I just need "mind candy" and this filled the bill.

I liked this book, it was a sweet story with some interesting characters.

Love her books. So beautifully written.

Such a drag...


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