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Break My Fall (2000)

Break My Fall (2000)

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About book Break My Fall (2000)

I found this in my Kindle and I DL it about 9 months ago, I wished I would have read it then. This story is full of every emotion one can have in their lives. This story was so great and I don't like how some reacted over the factor of playing 21, like your moral compass want let you love a book with playing cards(not cheating) in it!! This is a book, you should enjoy the story. I totally loved the sparks that come from Drew and Leah, you will be blown away from their story. The slow and steady feel of their story is believable and fun, and its not over top like some books are. I really enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend you read it and enjoy it too!!!! Thanks for great book!!! 2.5 Stars. After a recent scandal during her Junior year of college Leah decides she needs to take a break from her normal life, do something spontaneous. So she packs up her car with no destinations in mind to look for a place to lay low for the summer. Coming to a small beach town Leah finds a job at a surf shop, a small apartment over a garage, and a summer filled with plans of surfing. I liked Leah as a character. She does run off for the summer, but she is intent on going back to finish her last year of college and earn her degree. I thought she was a brave laid back character. Not overly funny or exciting but laid back and enjoyable. Drew, ok Drew. See people talk about Leah running from her past but frankly I think Drew is the one running. He doesn't talk to his parents, or brothers anymore. He dropped out of college. He avoids questions about his past 10 times harder than Leah did. What he says is living life one day at a time, I found he was avoiding real life and floundering. I didn't like him as a character he was bland and aloft and didn't really seem to care about Leah as anything permit. Until the last chapter than he morphs into to his alter ego Alpha-romantic-I do have a personality guy. I just thought "what the heck happened?" "Where was this guy the rest of the book?" It was really confusing. Also I thought the book ended at an odd spot. There obliviously is going to be another book in this series cause it just seems to stop. Not a cliffhanger but just cuts off almost in mid sentence.Not sure if I'll continue with this series. Leah was enjoyable and I felt for her struggles and her betrayal. But it might not be enough to convince me to deal with more Drew.

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It was just ok for me. I might read the next one.

good but I wanted more. I felt it was incomplete.

I good, fast read.

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