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Breaking The Silence (2008)

Breaking the Silence (2008)

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1419919539 (ISBN13: 9781419919534)
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About book Breaking The Silence (2008)

There was a lot of potential here and had the characters been better developed, it could've been great. The silliness and flaky personality of the heroine didn't fit with the more serious nature of certain aspects of the storyline. I really liked Will, but I felt like his story was handled poorly. Why give him a tragic past if it's not going to be explored or treated with care? It was like an afterthought. It was just fluff with some drama for dramas sake. Overall, I was left unsatisfied and found the characters lacking. I'm giving it a three, but it's more like 2.5 stars. Mostly b/c the writing was well done but the characters weren't fleshed out enough for me to care about them or even feel like they were more than cardboard cutouts. I liked this book, more than I was anticipating. Really like the H/h - Will and Jenny.There's an amazing (gay) best friend, an adorable dog, hotter than hot, shy virgin who is desperately into the heroine, a stalker... voilà the plot in a nutshell.I loved that Jenny had more photos up on her cubicle wall of her dog Rosie than of her niece.Like others who have reviewed this book, I wish Will would have told Jenny he was a virgin, that he'd never kissed anyone before or even been on a date.And I'll tell you what, that man had some mad, mad, skillz when it came to loving her (especially for a virgin). For that alone Will makes my all time A-list hero list.. but more than that, he's sweet.. loving.. smart.. shy.. damaged.

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Virgin H who fantasies about neighbor for along time before acting. very Hot

I love a story with a curvy heroine!! Sweet romance. LOVE this author!

Sweet story with Katie's signature humour

The most adorable Greek God Geek hero!

reread 12/2014

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