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Breve Storia Di Uno Starter (2012)

Breve storia di uno Starter (2012)
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8873396046 (ISBN13: 9788873396048)
Sperling & Kupfer
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Breve Storia Di Uno Starter (2012)
Breve Storia Di Uno Starter (2012)

About book: I haven't read yet the others books in the series, but I really like the world that Lissa Price has created. I liked to read an extract with Michael's point of view. It left me wanting to know more about it and read the entire books! If you hadn't read yet the entire books in the series you can read this before, like I did. It's very quick but really good. And maybe some day I'll read the series. :) "Portrait of a Starter" is a nice introduction to the world Lissa Price has created, and it made me even more excited to read "Starters".In this short story, we get to meet Michael who happens to be a Starter. He spends his time drawing others, his nose deep in his sketchpad. The story starts off with him drawing Callie, a fellow Starter, while she sleeps.The next morning, Callie takes off, after asking Michael to watch over her brother, Tyler. Michael assures her that he will, but curious as to where she's headed, he asks a Friendlie to watch Tyler so that he can follow her. But what Michael finds when he follows Callie will only bring questions: Who is the boy she's with? Why did they go inside of Prime Destinations? And will he ever see her again?
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breve racconto dal punto di vista di Michael.. mi ha fatto piacere poterlo conoscere un po' meglio..
Short story prequel to the first book. Good, will be buying the first book "Starters".
Kurze Geschichte zu Michael. Nicht unbedingt notwendig, aber ist schnell wegzulesen.
Ganz nett. Allerdings bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob ich das Buch lesen will...
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