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Britten & Brülightly (2010)

Britten & Brülightly (2010)

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De Vliegende Hollander

About book Britten & Brülightly (2010)

This was a very interesting story. Very noir, very twisty, and through the tale, some very appropriate weather.The author/artist used a powerful palette of words and color to tell this story of blackmail, murder, insest and the truly f'd up psyche (s) of our protaganist (s). Antiheroes rule! The private "researcher" Britten and his quirky partner Brulightly are a bit of a surprise, but do add a nice depth to the story.So grab a good glass of Merlot, sit back and enter this convoluted journey. Relax and enjoy yourself, I know I did! You know, usually I'm suspicious of back of the cover descriptions, but this truly is a "gorgeously drawn, strikingly original graphic-novel murder mystery". I loved it. It had a perfect blend of strong characters and gritty realism with exquisite watery art that often looked like watercolors but worked like hard-edged pencil sketches. The entire premise was so original, Fern as the hard boiled detective that is overwhelmed by depression and ennui, and that he talks to a teabag that talks back to him. Stanford, the teabag, is really his own well drawn character. And somehow Hannah Berry is able to make this work in a gritty page turner. I never saw the ending coming and I was sad when it was done! This book truly deserves an award of some kind. I gave it 5 stars and I highly recommend -- both for fans of great GNs and for mystery lovers.

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A great first comic from a promising artist!

Surprising noir graphic novel.

Beautiful and sad.

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