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Broken Identity (2011)

Broken Identity (2011)
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Broken Identity (2011)
Broken Identity (2011)

About book: Oh boy the conversations are unrealistic. Ronnie saying "pallet?" Ben and drakes conversation. Oh and drake had half a tank of gas in an old truck and was able to drive 3 hours? Thinks the car salesman won't know his last name if they sign paperwork? Don't think that was the author showing the young kids lack of knowledge of how things workUnable to tell how old anyone was - Andrew is retired but his brother has a 7 year old. Liked the general idea of the story but not at all the execution. Didn't make sense! Not the storyline with Ivan, Andrew not going to the police, letting drake back in, etc. I really did want to like it and there were some very promising parts. Most of all: Drakes inner monologue about Andrews forgiveness was really great. Really inspiring. What an incredible book! This young author delivers an amazingly insightful story. I absolutely love the intimate connection this author created between the reader and the characters. I do wish there was a little more insight into Ronnie's story. Also, there really lacked a closure of the relationships between Andrew and his brother. Kind of dropped the ball there. Overall, this is a book I would definitely recommend to readers and one I've rated 5 stars (which I RARELY ever do!).
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