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Bryd Tavsheden (2011)

Bryd Tavsheden (2011)

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Hr. Ferdinand

About book Bryd Tavsheden (2011)

Of the 3 books I've read by Linda Castillo, in the Kare Burkholder series, this is by far my favorite. I've loved them all but they keep getting better. This one again, deals with a murder among the Amish, but there is also the issue of hate crime that mixed in, and then at the end a huge surprise that I did not see coming when the murders were solved. A very good quick read for anyone who likes a good murder mystery. AWESOME!!! CAPTIVATING AND SO FULL OF MYSTERY AND OF-COURSE HAS A NICE PLOT!!!! I LOVE HOW THE AUTHOR PLAYED WITH MY MIND WITH TWISTS ND TURNS IN THE STORY. YOU ROCKED IT LINDA CASTILLO. 5/5The scenes from this book still burn on my mind!! i mean what the hell? A sixteen year old homicidal teen girl!!!!! How could she push her own little brothers down that pit? filled with muck and poisonous gasses not to forget! I guess love makes you go Psycho-stupid. And she was an Amish, the saintly, priestly righteous Amish. I guess stupidity and cruelty is infinite and universal. Or it's just that too much righteousness leads you towards waywardness some day. At first like the cops, I suspected Mose to be the culprit, the killer and the sinner. But he happened to the victim in the end. There's twist in the story and suddenly all of the evidence suggests that the criminal is none other than the beautiful Salome. I have to say that she played the cards well. She lied to her parents and mose and cops and everyone believed her lies. Looks are deceiving they say. it's true.She fell for her own brother, blood or not, he was her brother especially when her parents adopted Him. But she fell for him and he for her. lies after lies and she convinces everyone of her innocence when she was actually screwing around with everyone's head. She tells mose that her father abused and molested her, provokes him to the extent where he goes and fights with his parents and shoves them down the pit. then they planted the shotgun, Solly's shotgun in Coulter's home, because he was an ex-con. Funnily enough cops believed he might have killed the Salaubaughs. Kate chose to listen to her heart instead of her gut. The Salabaughs realised that Mose and Salome hd feeling for each-other and so they decides to send mose away to his brother Albert but when they Albert comes to discuss it all mose pushes them all in the pit. Salome was messed up, she had killed so many that she started to believe she was doing right thing. Kate however unravelled the mystery. Salome threatened her little brothers that if they told anyone that Salome had pushed them cops would send to a school fr war for bad kids. little kids scared to death didnt, however Kate heard them all and that's how she figured that somehow Salome was behind it all the master of game. Mose was only her Pawn. I believe he was stupid, blinded by love..... it's disgusting she, Salome screwed him and made him kill her own parents. It's sick and disgusting that she got pregnant. But I'm glad she got caught. Serves her right. fratricide, fuckin fratricide -_- she really was a psycho. it's disastrous for a female cop to let her emotions interfere and hazardous it is for the case. She happened to shoot Mose when he tried to run her over with the truck, that was defence but it does adds a blot to one's conscience as killing kills it slowly until there's none left. He deserved to be behind the bars, didn't deserve death. Salome could have gotten away with murder. I bet it must have been hard for Kate to break her up and make her confess. Ending wasn't a "happily ever after" but it went okay as good as it could be.

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Love this author and the character of Katie Burkholder.

Good mystery. Plenty of twists and turns.

Great read, keen to read the others

Another great book in the series.

Good plot. Nice twist.

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