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Buffalo Music (2008)

Buffalo Music (2008)
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Buffalo Music (2008)
Buffalo Music (2008)

About book: Interesting. It's a good way to introduce a younger audience to this particular issue and that time in our history. I like that the author based the book on the true events surrounding the life of Mary Ann Goodnight. The writing in terms of the word choices, the length of the sentences, and the amount of words per page seem extensvie considering this is a book for children. Many of the illustrations didn't draw me in the way most do in a children's book. But overall, not a bad read. This is the story of the bonneted pioneer, Mary Ann Goodnight and her work in the recovery of the American buffalo--bos Americanus. While Mrs. Goodnight was instrumental in the buffalo's salvation, that she 's visually 'fenced in' (she is, after all, frontierswoman of Western expansion), it's no less ironic that the orignial orphaned bison calves are transported via rail--the very means which caused their near-extinction. Still, there are some very pretty pictures here by Lauren Castillo.
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"buffalo, endangered species, pioneers, strong narrator voice and told well, based on real person"
the text was really good but illustration so so.
Great conservation message.
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