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Burial Rites (2013)

Burial Rites (2013)
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0316243914 (ISBN13: 9780316243919)
Little, Brown and Company
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Burial Rites (2013)
Burial Rites (2013)

About book: This is a fictional account of the real-life last woman to be executed in Iceland, in the early 19thC. Really a gorgeous and thought-provoking read. I particularly loved the changing relationship between Agnes (the accused) and Margret, the wife in the family with which Agnes is placed while she awaits execution. The story is interspersed with transcripts of actual documents relating to the case, including a shockingly short list of Agnes' possessions at the time of her arrest (and it was surely not unusual to own so little - I glanced around at all my hundreds of possessions with some guilt afterwards) and directions for how the execution was to be conducted (surprisingly, efforts were made to make it as humane as possible, considering how essentially barbaric the act is). Really, everyone in the book is so constantly close to death, through illness or cold or crop failure - it makes me wonder how humans ever managed to survive in such hostile environments at all.My copy: purchased new from Readings and "signed by the author" though actually the author has signed a slip of paper which is sitting loose inside the book - not the same thing at all, really. I was intrigued by this book and couldn't put it down. It is written beautifully. The story is a hauntingly sad one and based on truth, which of course gives it more depth. The author, born in Adelaide is brilliant and you can she was obsessed with the story of Agnes. The way she portrays the harsh landscape, the characters and the ways of life is amazing. I would highly recommend this book. There is also a transcript that was great to read called "No more than a ghost." The story appeared on ABC1 Australian Story on 1/7/13.
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Beautifully written. A story as harsh as the landscape, but as tender as the human heart. Loved it!
I know. Ini true story jadi nggak bisa diapa-apain, tapi tetap aja.Saya benci endingnya!!
Listened in audio. Fabulous narrator. Made the story I think.
A must read. Simply brilliant
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