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Butterfly Palace (2014)

Butterfly Palace (2014)

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1595547835 (ISBN13: 9781595547835)
Thomas Nelson

About book Butterfly Palace (2014)

Lily and Andy were in love and planning their future together. Until the fateful night that a suspicious fire killed both of their fathers. Andy left to join the Secret Service to pursue justice for their deaths. He took on a new identity as Drew Hawkes. Upon the death of her mother, Lily accepts a job as a kitchen maid in a palatial manor known as the Butterfly Palace. Imagine her surprise to find Drew as a guest of the Marshall's, owners of Butterfly Palace. Her feelings for Andy (Drew) are still strong, but she felt betrayed when he left. When Lily learns of a serial killer who's murdering pretty young women, she questions her safety. Lily turns to Drew for protection and joins him in seeking the killer and uncovering a counterfeit ring. Full of intrigue, suspense and romance with a plot that speaks of morality, kindness and faith. I love Colleen's writing and I feel this is one of her best. Every word from beginning to end was a delight. Lily Donaldson is such a smart bold character, and so vulnerable at the same time. There is plenty of romance and reading of their experiences with faith is so pleasant. Andy, a friend from the past, well, friend may not cover what they feel, is such an important part of Lily's life. I felt that the characters were well defined and the suspense thrown in was quite effective. I think you will enjoy reading this book.

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Decent book, great if you just read something really bad and depressing!

Could not connect to this book or it's characters.

Good book!

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