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Caçadora De Unicórnios (2013)

Caçadora de Unicórnios (2013)

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About book Caçadora De Unicórnios (2013)

This is a story about unicorn hunters, but we are not talking about the fluffy unicorns who poop rainbows. We are talking about killer unicorns. The story focuses on Astrid, who is a decedent of one of the most powerful unicorn hunting families. She is a reluctant hunter, but eventually embraces her destiny. I really enjoyed this book. It had action, adventure, a little bit of romance and a lot of girl power. I also liked all the background information concerning Rome, Alexander the Great, the unicorns and of course, the Order of the Lioness. There is also a nod to social issues that impact young women. I appreciated the way the author addressed these issues without judgement or begin preachy. These are good discussions about sexual assault and sexuality that could be beneficial for some young women to "overhear". I was really excited to read this book - killer unicorns, I thought, this will be awesome! But I found it really tedious to read, the first three quarters are absolutely boring and such a drag to read - all of the action happens in the last bit of the book. Some of the characters annoyed me a lot too - especially Cory, and Astrid's mother. I found myself wishing the story would go another way. The main character's incessant whining was just a killer. Instead of being all mousy, and "Okay Mom, I'll stay here even though I don't really want to and your forcing me to do this," I really do think she should have fought to get out of that situation - or at least to make it more bearable. At home, she was studying to be a doctor, something she seemed like she really wanted - and then she just gave it all up because her mother said so! At the Unicorn-Hunter-Boot-Camp, everybody was saying how she MUST be a great hunter, because she was a Llewellyn - and she just took it, let them decide who she was. She didn't try hard to create her own identity for herself - just feebly protested, and maybe once or twice tried to get in on the sciencey side of things with Marten Jaeger (who, by the way, was a totally obvious villain) who just brushed her off.Personally, I only enjoyed this book for the last bit of action - but even then, there wasn't enough. I don't recommend wasting your time on this book if you want lots of conflict and a strong main character (female or otherwise). The concept itself is amazing, but the book just isn't up to par.

Do You like book Caçadora De Unicórnios (2013)?

i LOVE killer unicorns! this book was great and so different from everything else i've read lately.

This was a funny and amusing story as far as man-eating unicorns go.

Couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again some other time...

I liked the giant killer unicorns but not much else

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