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Cadence Jones Ermittelt:: Drei Sind Zwei Zu Viel (2012)

Cadence Jones ermittelt:: Drei sind zwei zu viel (2012)
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Cadence Jones Ermittelt:: Drei Sind Z...
Cadence Jones Ermittelt:: Drei Sind Zwei Zu Viel (2012)

About book: Was not very impressed with this book, I am usually able to read MaryJanice Davidson books very quickly. This one took almost two weeks. I don't like taking that long to read any book. It just seemed much choppier than the first. It was an okay effort but fell flat. I think she's going for mystery writing but needs help getting from point A to point B in a book instead of it all just happily fitting together at the end with no real explanation. I hope if there is a number three that she reviews how it is written, I am definitely glad that I didn't buy this one and just borrowed it from the library. Well this book was a big disappointment in my opinion. I usually enjoy Mary Janice Davidson books but this was not one of them. I found the story line boring and uninteresting. It has been awhile since I read the first in this series so I was completely confused through out this book. If you read this one be sure and read Me, Myself and Why? first and I would recommend reading them close together. I read so much I don't remember ever detail from every book and the lag from reading the first book to this book didn't help. I was disappointed in the book, the content and the rambling. It just wasn't very good and I won't read any more in there series (assuming there will be more).
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good, the style gets a little annoying/exaggerated, but a fun, fast read.
So much going on, mpd blows my mind, but the characters are amusing.
Erm...more plot holes than Swiss cheese. even if it was a fun read.
She writes crazy so well ...
Due out Feb 2013
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