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Café Givré (2012)

Café givré (2012)

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I made my way once again into the Young Adult section of the library and found yet again another heartwarming and light story. It took me all of an evening to get through.Katrina finds a young man sleeping in an alley out behind her and her grandmother's coffee shop. She leaves him some coffee and food to eat and finds that her small act of kindness has turned her life around. This young man is no ordinary homeless man, Malcolm is a messenger angel who is now determined to make sure she gets a wish - the only catch is she has to wish for her deepest hearts desire. The only problem is figuring out what that is.Next door to her grandmother's coffee shop is another coffee shop, one that serves organic lattes and creates amazing drinks named after her best friend when he commits his own random act of kindness. The problem is the popularity of the shop is having a debilitating affect on their own. The coffee shop's owner is pressuring them to sell so he can expand his business. On top of that this young teenage girl has a closet full of items that are glaring daily reminders that reflect Katrina's inability to find something in her life that she wants to stick too, something that will add purpose to her life. Her life long heroic friend is now hanging out with the annoying daughter of the coffee owner next door, so her feelings of losing her best friend are compounding everything else that is going on in Katrina's life. So, it's all a bit much when an angel is determined to get his way by doing his own kindness for Katrina and she's still trying to determine what's going to be most important for her life. What first leads me to read this book was its title, Coffeehouse Angel; it was very intriguing and the plot captivated me. The book is about a cute romance between Katrina and Malcolm. It has a plot which would keep you wanting to read it and it shows the hardships of life and being a teenager. It’s not like any other romantic book which I have read, and I have read many romantic books including The Fault in Our Stars, Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and many more. The book, Coffeehouse Angel, by Suzanne Selfors, tells the story of the protagonist Katrina Svensen. Katrina was orphaned at a young age and now lives with her grandmother Anna. Katrina goes to high school and works at her grandmother’s Norwegian coffeehouse, which is under the threat of closing down because of a new coffee shop, Java Heaven. She tries to balance her school life and handle the money problems her family is facing. Katrina isn’t sure what she wants as an occupation yet and she tries to find herself. One day Katrina sees a homeless guy in the alley near the dumpster. Katrina feels sorry of the guy and gives him coffee, day old pastries, and chocolate covered coffee beans. What she doesn’t yet know is that the guy in the dumpster is an angel named Malcolm, who is intent on giving her one wish for helping him. They both are attracted to each other and develop a unique bond. Katrina finds herself yearning for Malcolm, but she does not understand why. Katrina begins the journey of trying to save the coffeehouse, and keeping the angel away from her since, she does not want him to pay her back for helping him. Katrina must fight to keep her friends and when all hope is lost, she is able to turn the situation around for the better. Through this book, Katrina changes from a girl into a young woman. Follow Katrina on her journey through her first love, battles of friendship, money troubles, and trying to find out who she really is. The author has a way with words and is able to portray Katrina as a normal teen girl with insecurities and burdens. This book has a unique plot which keeps readers entertained but the author has a way of words and does a good job showing the readers the world through Katrina’s eyes. The author shows the harsh realities of modern business overshadowing traditional places. Through the book the author shows a strong family bond and never giving up on what you want. Also, through the characters the author shows that good deeds can lead to you receiving good thing. This is the message that the author wanted his audience to see, the effect that your acts can have and how big of an impact they can leave on the people around you. I recommend this book for teens and young adults, who like romance books. Also, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a sweet and cute coming of age, romantic comedy book. I was able to kind of relate to this book, which is one of the reasons why I recommend it to teens. I can relate to this book because I am a teenager who is still unsure of what to do after I finish high school. Also, I am a small town Scandinavian girl, like Katrina so I can relate to her in some ways. This book would better suit teenage girls, but boys might enjoy it as well. I do not recommend this book to people whom like mysteries, horror, or adventure, because you will be disappointed, as this book does not contain any of that. This book is different from other romantic books since many of them do not involve a human, angel love story. The plot of the story is different and I can guarantee not something you have read before. Thought the plot was interesting and unique it was not something that was out of this world. Overall the book Coffeehouse Angel was a fun and interesting read. It wasn’t the best book but it was not the worst. It is a good book for teenage girls to read. The book is not life changing or will make you see the world in a new light but it is a good read.

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Read it once, loved it. Read it again a couple years later, still loved it.

Cute story. It's one of my first novels, so I'm judging it nicely.

Historia muy plana y lenta, no me atrapó como creí que lo haría

An amazing romantic novel!


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