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Caged In Darkness (2011)

Caged in Darkness (2011)

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I'm I between a 3.5 star and a 4 star.The story starts off as journal entries, then skips ahead to present day. Then later throughout the book, the author adds clips from the main characters journal. While the book is in present day, the story switches perspective between three characters: Savannah, Ash, and Liam. The main character, Savannah, was abused as a child. Her parents were cast out of there coven because they practiced extreme dark magic. The first nine years of Savannah's life was spent in a cage where her parents would practice dark magic on her, stealing innocent parts of her soul. When her parents let her out of the cage to shower, she ran away by sneaking into the back of a truck and hiding. Savannah found her way back to the town of her parents old coven and was accepted into the house of Maye and her son Ash. Liam is from a dark coven called sacred moon. His mom, the high priestess, tells Liam to seduce Savannah and have her pick there coven. Savannah falls for Liam but at the same time she falls for Ash. While her old house from her childhood is about to be sold, Maye convinces her to return to the house and collect things that belong to her families coven. While there,Savannah accidentally releases a demon who begins killing people, including one of her good friends. While the demon is on a killing spree, Savannah reads her moms journal to find out how to stop the demon. While reading the journal she finds out she is part angle and part demon and a really strong witch. She also find out that some of the torture she endured from her parents wasn't torture at all bit them trying to make her more powerful to one day stop the demon. Savannah and her friends try to kill the demon but not before she learns that her feelings for both Liam and Ash were actually for the demon. The demons inhabited there bodies and played on Savannah's emotions so the demon could get close to her. I'm not sure how the demon felt about Savannah in the end. The end of the story was kind of weird and confusing. Savannah no longer feels a pull to either Liam or Ash but was completely heartbroken by having to kill the demon. The story had some grammatical errors and misplaced words but it wasn't to difficult to figure out which words the author mean to write. Overall the story was entertaining. It was a quick read. The novel was SO painfully slow at times and a bit fast paced in others. I found myself being turned off by the novel and when the ending came, I wanted to throw my laptop. How frustrating to read such a novel, only to end up hating it because of the ending. I know this is a series but at the same time, Savannah has lost her 'loves' and is left with just friends. Stupid, where is the forever romance. I may or may not continue with this series.

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This is my own book. Goodreads asked me to rate it and put it into shelves, when I added it. :)

I can't wait for the second book.

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