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California (2014)

California (2014)

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0316250813 (ISBN13: 9780316250818)
Little, Brown and Company

About book California (2014)

This was just a bad book, there is no other way around it. I literally said to a friend that it was getting exciting when I was at 90% completion. Everything before that had been a complete bore. The writing and the plot (or lack thereof) was completely wanting. And the ending was seriously awful. I'm used to books just ending without a final resolution, but this went a step further. There was zero ending, it just stopped. Even though this book took me longer than usual to read (it was easier to put down than some others, but definitely kept my attention when I picked it up again), I really enjoyed it. I liked the relationship between Cal and Frida particularly. Despite their hardships and all the arguments, disagreements, and secrets they had, they still loved each other and were always looking out for each other, and that was evident in the writing. Sometimes I find that authors can get away from the love in a relationship, or have it end up being really one sided paired with a lot of resentment, when the story is also so centralized on, and the plot/conflict so driven by one pair of characters. I found that Lepucki was able to balance Cal, Frida, their relationship, and the drive of the story very well. It made for an interesting and compelling read.

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Predictable. The twists didn't turn far enough.

Three stinkers in a row. Maybe its' me?



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