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Call Me Crazy (2000)

Call Me Crazy (2000)

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Ohmygosh, where do I start? I just really loved this book cause how many authors write about a disorder? I mean a Taylor made life was awesome, but I just love the fact that Quinn wrote about the way tally struggled and it was so humane and natural, and trey! Oh my gosh, trey was just so sweet and he stood by her throughout. Quinn Loftus has humbled me with this book and I think its amazing that she told us (her awesome readers) about this disorder. I think she's courageous and well I just have so much to say bit whatever. Quinn I think you're an amazing writer and I have total respect for you. I loved this book! I believe that if a book can really make you feel something, it has to be great. I was angry, scared, happy, and sad all throughout this book. I felt what Tally was feeling. I thought the characters were all really well-developed, and I especially adored Candy. The only reason I didn't give it a five is because I really didn't like the acceptance Tally had for an awful thing Trey did out of anger, even if he was defending her. I' going to be reading more of her books, for sure!

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WOW. I just finished the book and there are tears in my eyes and i am just so happy that i read it.

Absolutely amazing! Beautiful story that gives hope even in the midst of struggle. Bravo Quinn!

Please please please don't be another rehash of the grey wolves series .... Pretty please

one of the best books that I have read.

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