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Call Me Sir, Boy! (2011)

Call Me Sir, Boy! (2011)

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Oh, too short! You know my favourite words in a BDSM story? "Good boy". It's something about the acceptance, acknowledgement and praise for sweet submission given. I love dark fics too, but stories like this really tug on my heartstrings. I mean, it's sugarkink: there's just spanking, restraint, and sex, but it's the best spanking, restraint and sex story I've read in ages. The sub is lithe, young and completely innocent, the Dom is masculine, rugged, and composed, there's an evil Dom, a cute D/s couple to be friends to the MCs . . . what's not to adore. Nice work, Kim. The "uh-oh" moment when Ricky realizes there is another Dom with the same hat was a clever plot twist I hadn't expected. I also appreciated that you allowed for Ricky to experience and escape the "bad-Carter" pretty quickly. The "abusive Dom" is a very scary thing. So I am glad we didn't stay there long. And then, I like the fact that love matters, in the healthy relationship. Thanks.What's next?

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This felt too unreal for me and not enough in depth.

Short smutty read.

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