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Camp David (2012)

Camp David (2012)

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071815861X (ISBN13: 9780718158613)
Michael Joseph

About book Camp David (2012)

Absolutely amazing!! This is the most HONEST autobiography I've ever read, David spares no detail. Already a fan of his hilarious performances, as I got further into the book I felt as though I knew him. He shares extremely painful memories (some that he claims to have never told anyone else before) that do not look for sympathy, but receive all that you have anyway.His life has been full of highs and lows, yet after reading I viewed him very differently. His personality is so much more than the man who plays any number of characters onscreen. He loves deeply, and has lost many. His unique and creative sense of humor brought him through the toughest times in his life, and the response of audiences kept him motivated to achieve his dream of performing comedy sketches.All that enjoy him onscreen, will simply love reading his heartwarming (and heartbreaking) recollections of the past, as well as how they have led him to the present. This started off very promising but I became bored with it in parts as it seemed a bit repetitive. Also, it initially seemed to be written very much from today's aspect, eg, he talks a lot about "my Simon" which makes you think it takes you right up to his current life. Unfortunately, it sharply speeds up towards the end of "Little Britain" as if to suggest that the tale had to end there or he would have been in breach of contract for his next book deal!That aside, it is the first autobiography that I have read so I suppose I shouldn't be too harsh. However, I wish I had waited and picked it up at a fraction of the cost from a charity shop!

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Read this over Christmas - a perfect, non-taxing but relatively interesting read.

this is a great book and i could not stop reading it i highly recommend it

Quite good in places, enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Loved this book - so much respect for this man

An enjoyable read.

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