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Carly (2006)

Carly (2006)
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Carly (2006)
Carly (2006)

About book: I just finished reading all four of the Women of Ivy Manor – Chloe, Bette, Leigh and Carly – and would recommend them to anyone. Each book pulled me into the story of this family and I could not wait to see what would happen next. I loved how you see how each family member matures overtime and the next generation steps into Ivy Manor. I especially liked the historical references in the books – everything from how different people heard about war, the depression, segregation, JFK being shot and even what books or songs they were listening to at the time – from the 1917 to 1991. I found it interesting that all of these women had issues with their mothers as they turned 18 and were moving out of the house – freedom and how each rebelled / disobeyed their mother. But interesting that they all had great relationships with their grandmother and the older generation. Thankfully most of the mother /daughter conflicts were resolved after the period of rebellion or at least by the end of the series. I was sad that in each book the women’s first true love died but thankfully they each found love again – the heart can be healed after heartache. I loved the Christian morals that were woven into the book (must more in the last book Carly, than any of the other books). Several themes throughout all the books: how one event in someone’s life can change them forever and how secrets within a family can destroy relationships.
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