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Carrément Dingue De Toi (2013)

Carrément dingue de toi (2013)

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2290070386 (ISBN13: 9782290070383)
J'ai Lu

About book Carrément Dingue De Toi (2013)

Another good one in this light, fun, easy-reading, yet somewhat steamy series from Erin McCarthy. Consistent with other books in the series, this book plucks another character from the co-hort of racing buddies and tells his romantic story, mostly from the POV of his love interest. This story focuses on the divorced couple who always seem to not be able to stay away from each other in the previous books. It's a cute story about a clearly premature divorce and a lesson on communication. The series is good entertainment, but nothing terribly though provoking or emotionally challenging. But, a great light read with some hot, and sometimes funny, sex thrown in. Ryder and Suzanne Jefferson have a complicated & dysfunctional relationship. They got married six years ago, divorced 2 years ago - or so they thought.Sex with an ex who's not quite an ex can really confuse things. Add a dash of non-communication & insecurity and you've got a big ol' steaming pile of hot mess.The characters are enjoyable, but there were several instances that I'd wanted to reach through the book and smack them both upside the head for being stubborn idiots.

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This was an amazing book. I loved every minute of it. I cannot wait to read the rest!!!

Suzanne and Ryder are my favorite couple on the series! Funny as hell.

several parts made me one yet

Oh so funny, that made me cry.

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