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Carrément Sexy (2012)

Carrément sexy (2012)

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2290042242 (ISBN13: 9782290042243)
J'ai Lu

About book Carrément Sexy (2012)

I had no idea what to expect when I started this book as this was my first read from Erin McCarthy. I found it surprisingly awesome; it had real depth and emotional resonance along with some pretty steamy sex scenes. I loved Tamara; she was devastated when her husband died but she remained strong and a great mom. Just as she's getting back into the dating world she meets Elec (totally love this name) and the sparks fly. She comes up with tons of reasons why this relationship can't work but in the end, love triumphs...yeah. I was so excited to read this. When I read the synopsis, I just knew this book was for me. Boy, was I wrong! It was not good.. She's a single mom because her husband passed away in a car crash but you don't see or hear about her kids very much in the book. And when her father-in-law questioned her parenting skills, I was kind of on his side because of the way the book was written. I was very disappointed in the heroine and the book. I loved the hero in it though, he was the only upside to this story (which is how the book got two stars instead of just one). And the way that her friends story was playing out in this book made me curious about them and want to learn more about their history and future but I won't because I don't think the writing would get any better.

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Great series. Make sure you start from the beginning! You won't be disappointed!

3.5Fun start to the series. I enjoyed these on audio. Easy to listen to.

Rounded up from 3.5


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