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Casey's Night In (2011)

Casey's Night In (2011)
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Casey's Night In (2011)
Casey's Night In (2011)

About book: The first part of this book is a prologue of Casey's story and it only takes about 20% of this already very short book. I want to get my problems with the book out of my way first. The main one being that Casey is locked in an embrace with Andre (the Italian Stud) and while there getting foreplay out of the way Andre is on one page described as such. "He stopped briefly to pull his shirt off over his head", so they are now skin to skin.Pretty hot right? The following chapter, a page later, Casey is said to take the reins and now promises to take off Andre's clothes and this time in the same scene it reads, " his shirt was already unbuttoned but she pushed the edges of the material down his arms and tugged it off." That's a pretty neat trick considering his shirt was already removed. LOL. It's annoying because this part of the story is only like 10 pages long. There should have been no problem ensuring the story was accurate. I'm not sure what was up with that.Now on to what I liked. The story is about a 26 year old receptionist that has hots for a client. She is all thumbs when he comes around. She is continually spilling things on herself, on the floor by his feet. I mention this because I laughed at her attempt to clean up her dumped pens or pencils. I'm not sure what it was she knocked over because what I do remember was her being eye to eye with Andre's crotch and hears him choke back what sounds like laughter. Busted...priceless!Now while she's stumbling about she lacks the notice that he is starring her down at every free moment. Her friends are telling her that he likes her and is ogling her. He can have any woman he wants and is constantly being chased by the press and dates super models. So why would he want her? Andre however is determined to spend some time out of the office with her to ask her out. Well he gets his shot and they meet outside work so to speak and they both let there emotions lead but will it be what they both want?The cliffhanger at the end of this book is such that I was ready to race to the next book. Guess what? Amazon does not carry this book any longer or it's sequel. Are you kidding me? I got this book when it appeared on Amazons free list but am now left with a book that I started that I won't get to finish. I encourage the author to fix this problem to satisfy her fans. I seen on her page where others have been inquiring as well. I really think this book is a guilty pleasure book. There appears to be just lust in the beginning but ladies it is hot. Then we begin to see the conversation between Andre whispering in Cassandra's ear(rolling the "R" at the end of her name)that she is so much different and wants to know her better. She claims to only want a one night stand but my feelings are that she is following the advice of her friend and it is making her feel like a slut. She is very inexperienced and I think because he agrees to the one night together she's afraid of losing her heart to him. Nothing is for certain because I am left dangling in the wind Minx Malone. Please fix whatever the problem so I can find out what Andre's story is. The book ends and in the same paragraph stating it's now available on Amazon but it's not. There is some graphic scenes in this read and the chemistry is sizzling IMO. I think there is a bit of a Christian Grey in Andre. I don't know if he's into any," Kinky Fu*ktery" but I truly hope so. LMBO This is a short story so for that reason consistency shouldn't be hard to achieve. Yet I was amazed to find that there didn't appear to be any. In the first few pages someone has to translate what Andre is saying to Casey, yet when he shows up at her house he has no problem speaking English to her, but that's ok because as it turns out it's all a dream. That really isn't the point though, in fact there isn't much point to the story at all. I am not tempted to read any more of the authors books, I might just watch paint dry instead!
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It was a sex scene. Nothing else. And a dream sex scene at that.
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