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Casse-tête (2009)

Casse-tête (2009)

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I’m really enjoying the Locke & Key series. “Head Games” is the second volume in the series which introduce us to another key, the Head Key, which literally unlocks a person mind. I mean the key removes the top part of someone’s head and inside you are able to see their memories and emotions. While we get to see what goes on in the Locke children, we also get some information about Zack Wells, Dodge.All in all I can wait to read the next volume. This material is strikingly original, and I love that I am still being scared by ghosts and spooky houses. And the art is off the hook; the detail and self-referencing nature of the details are incredibly enjoyable. I'm having way too much fun with this series. You people are ruining me for other forms of entertainment. I didn't think any events on the series could be as indelible as those of the first volume, but I was wrong. No movie or tv show or novel or comic can stand up to this. I may have to take a break soon so I don't have to get to the end...

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Joe Hill continues to develop his story in intriguing ways, and Rodriguez's art is just stupendous.

totally hooked. This is my introduction to graphic novels and I wish I'd read these sooner!

Entretenido y rápido como la primera parte.

yes!!! Give me moooore!

3.5 really

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