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Cast In Fury (2008)

Cast in Fury (2008)

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0373802692 (ISBN13: 9780373802692)

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I was hoping we'd get to the Leontines! There is so much to love about this series, especially the fact that Kaylin grows and changes with each book. It feels like there's definite narrative progression, rather than the reapplication of a formula to different circumstances that is the case with many other series. Elantra is such a compelling world, and it still feels like there are so many more depths to explore. I can't wait! Here's hoping book 5 isn't already signed out at the library :) I have to admit that I picked this up at the library so as soon as I'm finished with the book club selection (The Alienist), I can take a break from serial killers and escape into a different type of mayhem. (Side note: first of MSW's books that I'll be reading rather than listening to - I'm interested to see if I get a different impression via a different medium.)FINAL UPDATEI really enjoyed this book. There's an epic battle against the forces of darkness, but there's also a story about love and the family you choose that was so beautiful, I teared up a few times. I'm so glad there are several more books in this series. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because stingy MSW still won't develop even a whiff of romance for Kaylin's character.Minor complaint: stupidest cover ever - the girl in the photo, with her smooth hair and D-cup boobs, looks absolutely nothing like the description of Kaylin, and Kaylin is not present at the tidal wave in the story. Ugh! An advantage to listening to audio books is that you don't have to look at the (really bad) book cover each time you read!

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Another awesome book in a series of awesome books! Loved Cast in Fury and look forward to more!

Great way to mix mystery/crime novels with fantasy. Very fast-paced and interesting.

The best so far!

Kind of great.

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