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Cast Member Confidential: A Disneyfied Memoir (2010)

Cast Member Confidential: A Disneyfied Memoir (2010)

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Meh. Once his introduction to working at Disney passed the first 100 or so pages and the author started focusing on, well, his life (new girlfriend, mom's cancer, a random trip to Cuba to deliver medicine) - the book passed from "interesting bits about being a cast member at DisneyWorld" to "oh, yeah, this is memoir." And a mediocre one at that.The only thing I've walk away from the book with is the desire to talk to some of my friends who were cast members and see what was true and what was exaggeration (since a couple the other reviews of this book imply there is some). A decent book. It provides the behind-the-scenes look at the lives of people that work at the "happiest place on Earth" and is full of all the things you'd expect.The only real issue I have with the book is that the author is not very likable and you never get a feel for the people he interacts with much. The problems with his mother's cancer disappear suddenly and all the "friends" he has just fade away, although really we aren't sure how close he is with any of these people.So read it if you want to hear what goes on behind the Cast Member's Only signs, but don't get too hung up on the author.

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