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Cat Sitter Among The Pigeons (2011)

Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons (2011)
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0312643128 (ISBN13: 9780312643126)
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Cat Sitter Among The Pigeons (2011)
Cat Sitter Among The Pigeons (2011)

About book: "Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons" by Blaize Clement.Pet/Cat sitter, Dixie Hemingway, has a new client. This time it's a cat named Cheddar attached to a human by the name of Mr. Stern. Mr. Stern is elderly and apparently has no bonds with another human but does have a strong bond with cheddar. Soon Mr. Stern's grand-daughter, Ruby, appears on his doorstep carrying a tiny baby. It seems to Dixie that Ruby is more of an intruder than a welcomed family member by Mr. Stern. Dixie notices a woman glaring at her from the next door neighbor's window. Who is this woman and why does she have such an evil glare in her eye? Later that day as Dixie is preparing to drive away in her SUV she is grabbed and forced into a car by unknown assailants. What happens next is the beginning of a new mystery in Dixie's life. A mystery that only she can unravel...but not on her own.I loved this story and love this series. This book took a little longer to get to the nitty gritty of the mystery but once it did I was drawn into every page of every chapter. The ending was NOT predictable. It was breath taking with new developments until the very end.5 stars. This was a very interesting mystery involving suspense and the rise from the unsurmontable pain and suffering after the loss of a husband and a child. Dixie was able to overcome many adversities and eminent danger in her daily life and eventually became comfortable with her new life on her own, with the help and encouragement of her brother, friends, and acquaintances along the way. This was a GREAT read!
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Not my favorite Dixie Hemingway. Not enough Paco or interesting tidbits about the kitty clients.
very slow going up until the last two chapters, only then is it as good as the first three were.
I liked the story and the human feeling in this one, a very adult detective story.
Gotta keep coming back to see what happens in Dixie's love life!
I just can't get into it, storyline moves too slow.
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