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Cat Versus Human (2011)

Cat Versus Human (2011)

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1449408664 (ISBN13: 9781449408664)
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This is a wonderful little book that had me in stitches.It only took me about half and hour to read this delightful publication, but I spent the whole time with a huge smile plastered across my face. My frequent bursts of uncontrollable laughter even began to worry my fiance who was sitting beside me, so I had to keep showing him some of the funny images too so that he wouldn't think I'd gone completely crazy.This is a wonderful gift for any cat-lover. The cartoons are both apt and humourous and the book is well presented. This is the kind of book you could keep around and dip into now and again when you feel the need to cheer yourself up with some laughter. This publication will be readily appreciated by any cat-lover and even the dog people may find themselves cracking a smile.I received this book as a free e-book ARC from NetGalley. Do you like cats? Well, I am the proud human of an adorable orange tabby who is totally the boss of our house and I am here to say that if you have any love for cats, you'll probably love this book.First the cats look so cute! The main three are an orange cat (my favorite as he makes me think of my cat), a light gray, and a dark gray cat. There is also a cartoon version of the author, her husband and their dog as she examines the place of cats and compares that to treatment of humans and dogs.Some scenes seem to possibly come from the author's real-life while others are just representative of stereotypes (and sometimes of the realities) of being a cat lover. Most of the comics made me smile and a few made me laugh out loud in recognition. This was a fast read and I highly recommend it for lovers of cats and adorableness!

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Cat lady humor. Rosalie's favorite book.

I love cats and I love this comic.


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