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Catch Me A Cowboy (2012)

Catch Me A Cowboy (2012)

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1455508152 (ISBN13: 9781455508150)

About book Catch Me A Cowboy (2012)

I'm really enjoying this series and all the crazy characters that live in the small Texas town where each book takes place. Each book stands alone but I recommend reading them in order as the characters show up book to book. This is book 3 about Shirlene Dalton who finds herself broke after the death of her wealthy older husband. She ends up living back in the rundown trailer where she grew up, which also is home to four runaway orphans who have been hiding out there. Next door lives a hot cowboy who is not who he says is. It is hilarious watching Shirlene attempt to take care of the kids when she knows nothing about taking care of anyone but herself. It is fun watching her find the family she had been wishing for. I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the passages in Catch Me a Cowboy! Katie Lane’s heroine Shirlene is full of spunk and attitude, even with a heart softer than a marshmallow. She’s widowed, then turned out of her mansion so she returns to the trailer she grew up in – and finds new “tenants” in it.Trying to keep up appearances isn’t easy, but she sure tries her darnedest – and the tenants and her neighbor really don’t know what to make of her, never mind figuring out how to get rid of her. They’ve tried scaring her away and making fun of her, but nothing works because Shirlene doesn’t have anywhere else to go.Then she starts falling for the neighbor, and her world gets way more complicated than it already is. There is laughter and tears, anger and love, and redemption and forgiveness. The dialog is sharp and sassy, and the characters endearing. Pick this one up for a chuckle to go with your awwwwwwww…drey’s rating: Pick it up!

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Can't wait for the next Deep in the Heart of Texas book!!

Just a nice romance - I like this series a lot.

This was a GREAT book. It was funny too!

I flipping loved this one

loving the series.

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