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Cats Are Weird: And More Observations (2013)

Cats Are Weird: And More Observations (2013)

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I picked this book up, just browsing the "cat" section at Barnes & Nobles. I couldn't stop laughing. The artist really nailed the character and personality of cats very well in his drawings and scenarios. I even went so far as to show this book to my own cats, because I'm a crazy-cat-lady & lol, my cat Harry freaked out like I was going to give her medicine. I'm not sure what she would rate the book, but I give it five stars! This is a cute book for all ages. It shows the silly little things cats do and how we as cat lovers put up with them. We've come to accept that we'll never have nice blinds, rugs without worn edges, and sooner or later you're going to step in a pile of puke in your bare feet. It's just going to happen. And we put up with it because we love cats.... even if they are little devils.This book highlights just what it is that makes cats -cats. And it's all done in cute drawings.My 15 year old son read this book and his review was: Have you read this? These cats are just like ours!

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Very adorable art - and he is right. Cats are weird.

it was boring, not even the least bit funny

a very cute collection

Cute and true!

Because cats.

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