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Cautiva En La Oscuridad (2013)

Cautiva en la oscuridad (2013)
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Cautiva En La Oscuridad (2013)
Cautiva En La Oscuridad (2013)

About book: I knew it would be a disturbing read and it was. I couldn't put it down though, wondering how the author would wrap it all up, how can this be love, I kept asking. How the hell can she get past this? I had trouble with a lot of things in this story. I was hoping to gain some insight or understanding of dark/hurt minds....but it was the tortured hero who for some undefined reason falls hard for a girl and changes...Unfortunately I have read that story a thousand times I have to say this book intrigued me from the synopsis but I was not prepared for what lay ahead in it. I think because it isn't your every day romance, that it was so out there, I had a hard time reading it at first. Between the violence, sex slavery etc was a lot to digest. But as the book progressed you see the turmoil Caleb was put through to get to where he was and you gain sympathy for him. Then his emotions towards Livvie as she fights him tooth and nail. Livvie is a fighter and a half for what she is put through. Not only by Caleb but by others. She's one tough cookie! Looking forward to reading the second in the series.
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I have not reads book that screwed up my mind as much as this one has. The deepest, most disturbing book ever! I wouldn't have it any other way. I love Caleb and can't help but feel like what's wrong with me that I am rooting for this guy. Caleb is the ultimate bad guy and will leave you loving and hating him t the same time. Have Seduced in the Dark ready because you won't want to stop this story when you start.
Oh god.This book is so awesome. I never felt more turned on. Damn! how do u make book's like these? Its jzt so good, amazing, hot, wet, mind-blowing. I just wish i could write book's like these. I love caleb and olivia.I never thought such a plot like these exist. CJ Roberts you're awesome. This book made me feel in love. Hope you have exciting story books which will make me turned on more than before.
21/11/14->preparing a full review...*loved the controversy surrounding this book =)
Oh my god Great book... Kinda disturbing, but really good!
Amazing!! I wish there were more stars to give!!!
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