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Cena Nevinnosti (2014)

Cena nevinnosti (2014)
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Cena Nevinnosti (2014)
Cena Nevinnosti (2014)

About book: I have mixed feelings about this book. Probably closer to 3.5 stars to 3 though. The start was a little slow, the build up in the middle leads almost to something supernatural going on. The end got exciting because there was not many pages left but you knew something big was yet to come yet at the same time once the clues started to drop I clicked to what was going on before the book spelled it out. I thought Lilla was a crazy bitch from the start. I also didn't like Fiona but she was harmless. Marcus just seems like a bit of a douchebag. I can't comment too much on how realistic a portrayal of anxiety disorders it was but Anna seemed to recover in record time and I'm not sure how much difference Tim would have actually made though. Tim is very happy sleeping on his ex girlfriend's couch and working at his families' restaurant around Manly. But Lilla's boyfriend has had enough and she encourages Tim to look elsewhere, even searching and suggesting a room to let that has been advertised. Upon arriving at 'Fairview' a magnificent house and meeting Anna, who the house belongs to he immediately agrees to move in.There are a few strange things about Anna but he also meets her two supportive friends Fiona and Marcus.Anna is agoraphobic and very shy although Tim understands from a friend who painted a room in the house years ago that she wasn't always like this. Gradually Tim is drawn to Anna but strange things start to happen in the house during the night.This was a great creepy novel, not all about a 'haunted house', there were a few characters that intrigued me as well. I really enjoyed the anticipation of where the story was going right to the end. I've known about Rebecca James for a while but as I believe she writes YA novels, which I don't like to read, I had never tried her books. This one caught my attention as the main characters seemed a little older. I'm really glad I gave it a try as it was very enjoyable, I might even try some others.Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for a copy to review.
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