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Cette Fille Est Différente (2014)

Cette Fille est Différente (2014)

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About book Cette Fille Est Différente (2014)

Maybe a 3.5.Liked: home-schooler Evie, short for Evensong Sparkling Morningdew, heads to public high school for senior year to better understand herself and the world.Loved: her ups and downs with friend Jacinda and first boyfriend--though he is loath to label them as exclusive--Rajas.Gladdened: Evie's nifty hippie-dippie mom who has raised her to be independent and who built them a cool geodesic dome to live in for gods' sake.Annoyed: the too-neat ending that feels contrived and oversimplified, all too 80s high school movie contrition and unrealistic high school social change.Overall, nice strong, smart female character takes on high school; and while the going gets rough, she never has to lose the qualities that make her special and still prevails. I found the writing pretty good. The pacing worked well.And man I hated Evie and I hated how much of a stereotype she was. Then the story followed the familiar path of weird-girl-becomes-hero plot. Longer review to come. This girl was different because she was simple and little more than a smattering of issues and messages to be upheld and lauded, even if they did little more than ostracize everyone who believed differently. And those people were made stereotypes themselves.Character lost to message pushing.

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Review to follow on Reading Lark- a good little read, though it's not terribly original.

A good read. Great character and voice. Overall a little cliche. Fun and enjoyable.

Much less trite than expected.

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