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Change Of Hart (2014)

Change of Hart (2014)

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M. E. Carter

About book Change Of Hart (2014)

"I was stunned for a moment, but quickly remembered what to do and kissed her back. I kissed her softly and slowly, just wanting to enjoy the moment. When she didn’t pull away, my hands made their way to her face and I tilted her to the side so I could slide my tongue into her mouth."I absolutely loved the male POV. I thought that was a change in the norm and it was done really well. I loved how the author really formed the relationship between Jason and Jaxon first. Then Addison came in later. And there were some part that were so laugh out loud funny that I had tears running down my face! I'm not sure if it's because I read this after a funk of starting and DNFing less-than-stellar books, but I never connected with this one.It might've also been the fact that it was almost painfully obvious that the male POV was written by a woman. Or, like, by Nicholas Sparks (and I don't mean that in a positive way). Here, we have a character in one of the most testosterone-driven careers (to a fault at times, the NFL is always strife in scandal that mostly stems from violence and male stupidity. No offense to anyone, I swear) and this guy is very ... Well ... Shoot. He's girlie. The way he talks to his BFFs reminded me of the way women talk to each other. Either the way women talk to each other, or the way skeezy men talk to women to try to get into their pants. The main male isn't either, so it didn't click with me.That being said, the characters are fun, the storyline flows decently, and I was pleased with the ending. The drama wasn't needless, so beyond me not being able to get into Hart's head, the book was an entertaining one.Four this-book-made-me-miss-fantasy-football stars.

Do You like book Change Of Hart (2014)?

LOVED this story!!!! You know where it is going, but the journey was perfect!

Nice and easy read. Fun without being quirky.

Sweet story. =)

3.5 stars!

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