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Chansons Populaires De L'ère Showa (1994)

Chansons populaires de l'ère Showa (1994)
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2809702810 (ISBN13: 9782809702811)
Philippe Picquier
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Chansons Populaires De L'ère Showa (1...
Chansons Populaires De L'ère Showa (1994)

About book: This is the first novel of his I've read, & it hit my sweet spot. The pitch black glee is hilarious, & seems it's what I've been looking for. I didn't know anything about his writing, but I've been bingeing on Japanese-to-English novels, & I think that I've found just what I wanted. It reminds me of the film Gummo, filtered through a Japanese cultural lens. Most will take that as a negative, but its just what I was looking for. I haven't laughed so hard at a novel in a very long time. read this in one sitting. it's just that kind of book.ok - so at first i thought this would be just some more ryu murakami trash like 'in the miso soup' and 'piercing', but i was pleasantly surprised. sure, it's just as sensationalist and ridiculous, but there's something cool and less off-putting about it. the book grows on you as you read it. by the end, i found myself wanting to get drunk and bomb some old bitch after singing some karaoke in drag. i was obviously on the guys' team's side. ok and that ugly girl from flo-ju made me shit my pants. maybe it was just my mood, but that was some funny the criticism: the translator was pretty inconsistent, especially when one compares the tone between the first chapter and the last. i'm not knocking the translator, though - it's just an observance (i actually really liked mccarthy's rendition of dazai short stories). i thought some of the translation was clunky this time. then again, i was reading an advance reading copy as part of the early reviewers club - so hopefully some of this will be smoothed out prior to appearing on shelves.let's go with four stars for now and i'll change it to four and a half if i see improvements between my copy and the final release. btw totally gonna d/l everyone of those songs now and put them on my ipod to listen to while i plot terror. and what?
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je l'ai fini car il n'est pas bien gros mais franchement je me suis ennuyée du début à la fin!!
Insane and raucous. Couldn't put it down. Reminded me of a grisly spy vs spy cartoon.
This is the most disturbing book I have ever read.
What the hell. Just...what in the hell.
Beautifully twisted.
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