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Chasing Brooklyn (2010)

Chasing Brooklyn (2010)

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1416991689 (ISBN13: 9781416991687)
Simon Pulse

About book Chasing Brooklyn (2010)

This book is the most heart felt novel ever! It takes you to such a happy place throughout the book your just cheering on the characters asking for more. At first I thought I wouldn't like it being that I don't usually read books in a poem format but I ended up loving it, I actually feel the writing format of the book made it more suspenseful to read. I couldn't put the book down it was so good and I highly recommend it. Brooklyn had a boyfriend named Lucca and he had a brother named Nico. Lucca,Nico, and Brooklyn had a friend named Gabe and he liked to do drugs. In January Gabe and Lucca died, Lucca died in a car accident and Gabe died from too much drugs. Brooklyn and Nico were devastated that Lucca and Gabe died. Brooklyn loved to draw flowers but when Lucca died she stopped drawing for a year. Brooklyn goes to bed after dinner and she has a nightmare. She was at school in the hallway it was pitch black she heard footsteps she didn’t know what to do, then she runs and she sees a light so she starts running faster and faster, she goes into a classroom locks the door so the person who is chasing her won’t get her but that didn’t stop him so she turns around and he’s there Gabe was there. Brooklyn wakes up at 4:00 a.m she writes in a book Lucca had. Every time she gets the book that Lucca used to own she writes letters to him letters that she doesn’t want anyone to know but him, Lucca. Nico calls her and Brooklyn picks up the phone and says “oh hey Nico” Nico asks “Do you want to do this run with me, it helps me stay focus and it may help you to.” Brooklyn says sure why not.” Nico only asked her because Lucca asked Nico to help her. Nico starts to get haunted by his brother, every time Lucca haunts Nico Lucca whispers “Help her.” Brooklyn has another nightmare with Gabe in it and he’s chasing her again. Nico and Brooklyn train for the run every day. Today they decided to swim instead of running or biking. Now that Brooklyn has been spending time with Nico a lot she starts to get feelings for him. Grabe still haunts Brooklyn in her dreams and he still gives her paths to choose. She always chooses the wrong one. Gabe haunts her again he gives her paths Brooklyn stops running and lets him talk she chooses the right path this time and Gabe says “This all I wanted you to do I wanted you to choose the right path and you did.” Brooklyn decides to write a note to Lucca but instead it’s to Nico she calls him before the big race, Brooklyn asks if he could meet her at the park and they do. Brooklyn gives Nico a note basically it says how she’s ready to date him. It’s the race Nico is in front of Brooklyn, she finished the race and Nico gets her, hugs her and then kisses her.

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One of my favorite books that I have EVER read. I adore this book!

This was one of the most amazing "ghost" stories I've read. (:


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