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Checkered Crime (2014)

Checkered Crime (2014)
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1497474582 (ISBN13: 9781497474581)
Tonya Kappes
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Checkered Crime (2014)
Checkered Crime (2014)

About book: Bravo Tonya. I was hooked with this book. It was totally hilarious and the plot kept on twisting. I loved the orphan/taxi driver/mob grand-daughter. As I read I kept on trying to figure out who else was part of the mob and the least expected person ended up being part of the mob. I loved how Tonya used the portal potty as a lost job and a great place for the mob to take over. I was horrified when she feel on the finger,gross. She was definitely making some good money just to drive someone back and forth. The cover fit the book perfectly. What better weapon then to fight out crime with a walnut lol. I cannot wait to read Tonya's next funny mystery book. I highly recommend you pick this book up. "Checkered Crime" fell right in line with most of Tonya Kappes's cozy mysteries. It was full of Ms. Kappes witty and snarky dialogue. As usual the main character, Laurel London, is quirky and gets into some very interesting and outlandish situations. I'm very curious to see how this series develops. This is a nice read for the summer - maybe a day at the beach, rainy weekend, easy vacation reading.
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Another fun and enjoyable book by Tonya Kappes. I can't wait for the next one in this series.
Loved it!! Can't wait till the next one comes out
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