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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (2010)

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (2010)

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0446552445 (ISBN13: 9780446552448)
Grand Central Publishing

About book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (2010)

This is the first book that I've read from Chelsea Handler. It did make me laugh and I actually found myself laughing harder as I was recounting some of the stories to my husband and more fully picturing her engaged in all of this ridiculousness. Each time I finished a story, I was eager to read the next to see what kind of shenanigans ensued. Chelsea has lots of interesting relationships with lots of interesting people and her voice comes through as she's describing them. Fun read. I've heard so much about Chelsea Handler and her show, and when I had the opportunity to read this book, I thought, why not? This is the first, and probably only book I will read by her.I was shocked at the first chapter about how she learned to masturbate at age 8 and became a chronic masturbator who just had to fiddle her bean everywhere, even on the playground during recess. I kept thinking to myself, is this real? It can't possibly be. I mean yes I know that children can inadvertently learn how to diddle themselves and how good it can feel, but this chapter was just so over the top that it just had this whole sense of unrealness about it.Chelsea, as of this date, is no longer with the boyfriend mentioned in this book, and I sure as heck can see why. Despite him being her BOSS as well as lover, she is cruel to him and plays all sorts of stupid, horrible jokes on him, including letting him believe that a friend of theirs' dog died. Not sure how much of this is real, just like the chapter about masturbation, but I would NOT take this kind of crap from friends, let alone a lover. She is also pretty nasty to her friends, which made me wonder why she had any friends at all.The only chapters I really enjoyed were three of them - the one where she wanted a Cabbage Patch doll, the one where her father rented out a crap-house, and her and her family dealing with their father. All the other chapters were pretty lame. I'd have given this book one star, but the virtue of these three funny chapters gave this book an extra star.

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Most swearing and crude stories. Not funny.

wicked funny!



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