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Chew, Vol. 5: Major League (2012)

Chew, Vol. 5: Major League (2012)

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1607065231 (ISBN13: 9781607065234)
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About book Chew, Vol. 5: Major League (2012)

This whole series has been pretty great. I keep expecting it to turn bad, but so far, it's holding steady! Such a fun, bizarre, quirky world. I love it. The only reason I haven't ranked it higher is because I feel that the amazing uniqueness I felt with the first one has moved past the honeymoon period. And now that more characters have special abilities, it's starting to verge on the edge of being over-done. I dove into this book thinking it was going to be 100% Baseball-themed but I was way off for the most part, thankfully! My knowledge of baseball is very limited. Chew Volume 5 starts with a bang and ends with a bigger bang ! The middle part is entertaining, hilarious (Tony Chu wearing a kilt!!!!), action-packed, clever and intriguing. Most elements of the story are geniunely original and very well-thought out. I can't recommend Chew enough!

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Meh, I was slightly disappointed with this one. Not my thing. But... can't love every book right?!?

Tony is out of FDA and demoted .. and is kidnapped and all the fun. Still weird still wonderful.

Am I alone in thinking that CHEW would make a great cable/premium/etc tv show?

the stuff in the background is hilarious :)

I love Poyo.

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