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Chew, Vol. 8: Family Recipes (2014)

Chew, Vol. 8: Family Recipes (2014)

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1607069385 (ISBN13: 9781607069386)
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About book Chew, Vol. 8: Family Recipes (2014)

I love this series. I look forward to grabbing every volume from my local library. The characters are fun and the plot lines are ridiculously hilarious. With that being said, I wish the writers would kill the interplanetary storyline. It doesn't seem to significantly add to the characters or the overall storyline. Was it fun to see Tony and Colby invade a pillow factory? Yes. But it seemed like a diversionary tactic for the most part. Either way, I can't wait to devour the next volume when it comes out. I'll miss Toni but it seems like the writers have found a way to keep her coming back. I hope they make use of this tactic in further volumes since she was one of the best comic characters. This feels like the penultimate volume, and everything is coming to a head; plot threads from across all the previous volumes get called into play, with a big focus being on Toni's posthumous guidance (which makes up a lot of the humor and a couple moments of pathos). Lots of flashbacks for various characters, and Tony starts closing in on the real villain. There are some great moments, from Colby's relationship woes to Olive's secret abilities. The pace is as strong as ever, and it feels like it will not relent until the story's done

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The further the story goes the better it gets. The quest for truth and power and revenge continues.

This series is weird and wonderful. Each volume leaves me hungry for more.

2.5... I still like it, but I want the plot to get a move on already!

I love this zainy, creative series! It was great to see toni again.


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