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Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness #5: Oath Breaker (2009)

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #5: Oath Breaker (2009)

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About book Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness #5: Oath Breaker (2009)

Torak wanted to live a normal life, but that all changed when an evil soul eater, Tazzie, kill Torak’s kinsmen. So Torak swore revenge on Tazzie. Then in a game of cat and mouse Torak chases Tazzie all over the forest and a secret plot is reviled that would put Tazzie in control of the entire continent. Then Torak needs to chose between revenge on his dead kinsmen or helping his living friend. Oath Breaker is about, friendship, determination, and doing what’s right. Oath Breaker was not disappointing at all. I loved it. (Not a big surprise surely)Oh Bale. I really liked you. His fate was just horrible. And Torak. My poor Torak. It was hard watching Torak going on the journey to seek revenge. It simply isn’t who he is. We now know more about Torak’s mother and the story behind her medicine horn which was so heart-breaking. I also loved how Renn is admitting that she’s a Mage. It was awesome. Her snarky comments with the Red Deer clan were simply hilarious. And Wolf! When he finally realized that Torak wasn’t actually a wolf. Ugh, my heart hurts. The fight between Thiazzi and Torak was exhilarating. The ending of Oath Breaker was one of the sweetest endings I have read. It made me smile and teary-eyed. I can’t believe that the next book will be the last book. It’s hard saying goodbye to one of my favourite book series. I’m going to miss Torak, Wolf, Renn, Fin-Kedinn, Rip and Rek so much.

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They keep getting better and better! Can't wait too finish the last one!

Bit too humourless, but the plot is very understandable and fast-paced.

awsome! Second fav book. waited almost a year to read it.

Also to re-read.


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