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Circles Of Seven (2005)

Circles of Seven (2005)

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0899571727 (ISBN13: 9780899571720)
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A little over half way and the third book are both good and bad. Plot twists seem contrived with the circle of seven, witnessing seems stiff at times. Hope last half of book picks up steam.I stand by my three stars, bringing Dante’s Divine Comedy into nonsensical Seven Rings of Hell into the story just does not sit well with me. Saying that Merlin is not a magician or wizard does not sit well with me. Especially when you give him the sight of a prophet, poetic stones that see the future and many others things which are contradictory in the tale. Nor should Morgan suddenly be married to a fallen angel who lived thousands of years before her time real or fantasy.Syrupy thick dosages of scripture are both excellent and close to pulling rabbits out of hats, alternatively. Some say this is at a level of C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, no, they knew about folklore and literary traditions and used them faithfully. Does the author love the Lord? Yes, his witness is strong and clear, but the uses of Arthurian fantasy, fantasy, science fiction and the Bible leave me cold. So close yet so far, I only see Christian School and home school kids reading it. Which is fantastic for them but it leaves out 90% of young people still in search of truth.There are an increasing number of great Christian fantasy writers coming onto the stage of YA fiction. My prayer is for their voices capture hearts not turn them away. And yes Larry the super computer is great.

This story raises the stakes very high for our hero Billy Bannister. He learns that he's King Arthur's heir, and he must go on a dangerous journey through a different dimension called the Circles of Seven. Seven different plains that will test and stretch Billy to his limits. Billy is allowed to take along one helper, so Bonnie goes with Billy, and she is tested also. The goal is to reach the seventh circle and free captives that are trapped there, but there are also demons that are trapped there as well, and Morgan Le Faye Merlin's longtime nemesis works to get Billy to free the demons with her sorceress powers and by sending Billy to the breaking point. But when tragedy strikes along the way Billy most choose what to do to save the captives and Bonnie. Will she be revived? Circles of Seven is a breath taking read. One that will bring you to your knees and cause you to bite your nails as well as cause you to shed some tears. Come and see how Billy grows in his triumphs over the tests of each circle, but the greatest test of all will bring him to his knees, and it maybe the hardest thing that he will ever go through in his life. This one is the favorite of many fans. I've read this book many times, and It's still as amazing and captivating as the first time. Come and learn about Sacrificial love in the most exciting book in the Dragons in Our Midst series. They story continues and ends in Book 4 Tears of a Dragon.

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It was really good. When I first read the Candlestone(book 2 of the series, Circles of Seven is book 3), at first I didn't get very far into it. I just wasn't that interested because I hadn't read much of it in a while. Then when I started reading it again, something exciting happened and then I couldn't stop reading till I finished the book. That is a lot like how I read this book. And now I'll have to read the next. A small reason for this drive to read these books is so that I can get to read the newest book of the newer series, the Song of the Ovulum, which I hear is very good.

Just like the others, I liked this book too. Larry the supercomputer was great. I also enjoyed getting to know Walter Foley more. And although his puns were a bit "cheesy", he's the annoying best friend that you always have to have by your side. Other things I especially liked were...(SPOILER ALERT!) meeting Ashley Stalworth's mom, the lighting up of the eyes in the pictures engraved on the floor, Devin being trapped in Mr. Bannister's dragon body, and once again, being bold and centering Christ

This book was incredibly moving and intense, I didn't enjoy it as much as the other books, but I loved the "lighten the mood" parts with Larry the supercomputer and Walter "Mr. Bad Sense of Humor". Overall it was a pretty good book, but after reading it I got pretty agitated. My legs were shaking!! Even after reading it for the 3rd or maybe 4th time I found some parts that I had somehow missed. Though, after having read Enoch's Ghost and The Last of the Nephilim, I have a lot of questions that I am hoping Eye of the Oracle will answer. I think it would be a good idea to read Eye of the Oracle while reading the Dragons in Our Midst series.

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