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City Of Refuge (2008)

City of Refuge (2008)

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0061238619 (ISBN13: 9780061238611)

About book City Of Refuge (2008)

I think anyone who visits New Orleans leaves feeling like they belong there. I personally think there is a bit of N.O. in everyone. After spending a month in the city this last year the city called my name and my wife and I seriously considered moving there. That's the primary reason I scooped up City of Refuge. I wanted to remember a bit of what I felt when I was there. It's a book about Katrina and how it affected two families from very different sides of the socioeconomic spectrum but it's also about that magical thing you find in New Orleans that plants itself in your soul when you go there.Tom Piazza is from New Orleans and his writing reflects that fact. His love and passion for the culture and city permeates through the pages and makes the story a pleasure to read. It is a very painful and heart-wrenching story but it is told in a beautifully poetic way.I'm certain that a big reason I enjoyed this book so thoroughly is because of my time spent in the city soaking up the culture but it is simply a fantastic book. I highly recommend it to anyone - even those not particularly interested in reading about the events of Katrina. After reading many books regarding New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, I think this is the best to date.Written in novel form, the author obviously loves and understands the culture of New Orleans. Comparing and contrasting two families impacted by Katrina, the reader journeys to the lower ninth ward and the horror of those who could not flee, who, because of government ineptitude were stranded for days without food and water.SJ Williams is a hard working family man. Living in the ninth ward for most of his life, he built the home he owns. Widowed and still grieving, he is able to count the blessings of a sister and nephew. His sister chooses a life of drugs and his nephew is of great concern to SJ as he watches his choices that lead to crime and danger.When Katrina hits his sister is with him as the water dangerously fills the house, forcing them to flee to the attic. Finding a boat, he takes her to a bridge on higher ground and returns to bravely rescue those stranded and dying.Through SJ we feel the mounting terror as the leeves break and the helplessness in realizing that the infrastructure of NO is, and always has been, inept and corrupt, and necessary, life saving assistance isn't going to come in time.In addition, we travel with Craig Donaldson and his family. Of different socioeconomic status, they have transportation and flee New Orleans with thousands of others whose cars are barely chugging along the crowded causeway leading out of the destruction.Both Williams and Donaldson families share the fact that they are scattered and long for any sense of normalcy.Highly recommended!

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this was an emotional read for me. if i taught, this would be on the must read list.

So, so good. Surely will be made into a movie at some point. I loved it.

Psychologically Astute! Zeitoun is a good non-fiction companion read.

Excellent. Completely absorbing. Will likely read again.

Well written by a New Orleans insider

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