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Cleopatra: Last Queen Of Egypt (2008)

Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt (2008)

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0465009409 (ISBN13: 9780465009404)
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About book Cleopatra: Last Queen Of Egypt (2008)

This is a very good book on the history of Cleopatra. Cutting through all the myths and rumours, Tyldesley provides us with a down-to-Eart and realistic portrait of one of the most misunderstood characters of Antiquity.Loaded with bits of texts from antiquity, quotes from later historical works and images of sculptures this is a very good read if one is interested in the true story of Cleopatra VII. This was a pretty quick and easy read- for a history. Dr. Tyldesley does an admirable job of making the mess that is the Ptolemaic Dynasty, if not crystal clear, at least understandable. The 'Who's Who' at the end is particularly helpful. As usual, her writing is clear and easy to follow-and not too dry... Everybody knows how Cleopatra's bid to retain her country and her crown ends, but the chapter on her failure and her death still made me sad!

Do You like book Cleopatra: Last Queen Of Egypt (2008)?

Very readable and accurate history. Tyldesley is a highly rated author historian.

Not a lot is known about the Last Queen and this book proves it.

Excellent History. Interesting to compare with TV show: ROME.

Theories mainly and so the reading is slow.

really interesting and a good book

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