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Close To Famous (2011)

Close to Famous (2011)

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0670012823 (ISBN13: 9780670012824)
Viking Juvenile

About book Close To Famous (2011)

Bauer, J. (2011). Close to famous. New York: Puffin Books. Schneider FamilyJunior Book AwardThose looking for something out there, beyond where they currently are will fall in love with this story. After a big move, Foster becomes famous in her own way in a new town. Many love her baking, but they all notice something about her. Those around her finally learn that Foster struggles with reading. People decide to help her out in exchange for some of yummy treats. Everyone there has great hopes and dreams, but no one is currently in the big spot light. They are all close to famous. Read to find out if Foster becomes famous for her divine treats. This is a great book for 6th grade and up. Students will be able to appreciate the challenges Foster faces as well as the friendships that are made. Close to Famous is about building a home and finding a family wherever you may find yourself. Ever-resilient Foster tells us the story of leaving Memphis with her mom in pursuit of - somewhere else. They land in Culpepper, WV and are taken in due to the kindness of strangers. Setting up camp in this town that couldn't be more opposite of Memphis, Foster resolves to continue to "make her own breaks," and follow her dream of baking. As her career takes off as a baker and caretaker of the local Hollywood legend, a few people begin to discover that Foster has a hard time reading. Her close-knit community pulls together to teach her how to sound out words and sentences in exchange for reaping the benefits of her baking habit. This book depicts how clever someone can be without the ease of reading and writing, and how simple acts of kindness from the heart can make just about anywhere feel like a safe home. Bauer, J. (2011). Close to famous. Viking/Penguin Young Readers Group: New York. Realistic FictionSchneider Family Award 2012

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Excellent, excellent book!Real struggles of memorable characters expertly weaved together.

I love how this book add a little bit of humor to what is actually a difficult struggle.

An amazing book about the struggles of life. And food... :)

Fun, quick read. Would make a great movie.

Really interesting

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