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Club Ties (2012)

Club Ties (2012)

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About book Club Ties (2012)

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series! Need a fix of SOA with a little more steam between seasons? This totally fits the bill. It's violent and gritty but with a heart and soul.This time around it is Mox's HEA. Like father, like son, he rescues a girl on the run outside his apartment. There is definitely more romance in this book than the 1st. We get to see more of Zeke and Ginny (yay!) and the extended Lords family. Still very curious about Rhys - wonder if his book is next?Keep writing 'em, Mara McBain! I'm not one of those people who like instant attraction in books. Even then if there is instant attraction there has to be something that'll make me continue to read it. In this one that was not the case. It was really strange that she escaped abuse and immediately slept with one of the brothers, just not realistic. Then he immediately love her, theres not fighting,no him begging,no her begging just her thinking she's not good enough and trying to be like the mom and other people. Ughhhh....I hate that in a heroine. I got up to 30% and I got all this information. This may be for others just not for me:( I try to give books a chance but after so long I just don't care!!

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What a great read! I really hope that Zeke and his wife get their own book!

Definitely enjoyed book two of the series more.

So, very good, want more!!!

Enjoyed this series

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