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Cobwebs (2005)

Cobwebs (2005)

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About book Cobwebs (2005)

*sighs* I couldn't finish this––and it's not even that long. I just don't want to bother. I got like halfway through it, waiting for something interesting to happen, and nothing did. Maybe I'll pick it back up eventually, since I bought it and all ... but I don't feel particularly compelled to do so.Original enough? I guess. But it's one of those books that tries a little too hard to be "quirky", and it just ends up being a jumbled mess. Like, if you asked me to describe what this book is about I couldn't really tell you. There's a girl … and she sees this guy lurking around all the time ... and he's part spider? Maybe he's SPIDERMANNNN! Yeah, I dunno. There just isn't a plot, really. The main character is bland, and all the other characters are cut-outs: quirky parents, quirky grandparents, quirky (black!) best friend, etc. The writing isn't very interesting, either.… Meh.

I'm convinced that the other people who left reviews for this book must have read a different book? Everything is pretty straightforward. It's not A+ writing, and some plot points I never really cared for, but the POV shifts once or twice (briefly) in the whole book, and the way characters are constantly referenced (like, in the first ~20 pages you know who everyone is) there's no confusion over who's who. Seriously if you actually read the book it's not confusing. I would probably give it three stars (most of the plot is predictable and somewhat uninteresting) but I enjoyed it so it gets four.

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This book was just bad. The story line had no depth. Characters were introduced too fast which left the reader trying to decipher who was who. There were no transitions. One moment you're on the Brooklyn Bridge, the next you're in their apartment. You re-read to find out when they walked, or got on a train, or just moved period, but alas nothing about movement is written. The lack of transitions is totally confusing. Basically the whole book can be summed up as: Nancy's family has a secret. Some can transform into spiders, some are healers. Why? no one really knows, it's just been passed down in the family. Nancy's mom won't go outside, her grandma dies, she meets a guy, and a reporter is using her family's secret as blackmail. The end. It was mostly boring, their was no climax, and it ended on yet another down note.
—Emily G

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